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A hashing algorithm is a cryptographic hash function. It is a mathematical algorithm that maps data of arbitrary size to a hash of a fixed size. A Hash is a number generated from a string of text, the hash itself is smaller than the text, it’s almost impossible to generate another string of text with the same hash value.

Top algorithms

Algorithm Coin Hash rate Monthly revenue
Cuckatoo31 Grin 8.29 graph/s $175.28
Cuckaroo29 Grin 35.3 graph/s $102.55
Equihash Beam 66.4 sol/s $48.11
Ethash Ethereum Classic 96.4 Mh/s $46.15
X16R Ravencoin 54.1 Mh/s $44.37
CryptoNight R Monero 2.63 kh/s $37.24
Lyra2REv3 Vertcoin 110 Mh/s $29.08
Lyra2REv2 Verge 144 Mh/s $7.22
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